Creating a professional website

How to Create a Professional Website

As people spend more and more time on the internet and e-commerce figures are constantly increasing, creating a professional website has become an almost unavoidable step in the online presence of companies.

While 92% of companies say that their presence on the Internet is useful for their business, in 2019 only 69% have a website.

Indeed, creating a professional website requires mobilizing time and skills that not all entrepreneurs have. Beyond the creation of the website, we must think about all that this entails in terms of maintenance, hosting and creating content.

But how to create an effective professional website? Here are the different steps and solutions available to you for the creation of your first website.

1. What are your Needs?

Getting started creating a website can be an exciting adventure for the most curious among you. Creating a site in his image to develop his business is something quite satisfying.

But as with any digital project (and even any project in general), it’s best to prepare yourself and anticipate your different needs.

Creating a professional website can meet several goals for your business:

  • Make your company, its products and services known (window site)
  • Sell your products (e-commerce site)
  • Responding to a marketing need by promoting a specific offer

Once the objectives of your site have been well identified, it will be easier to anticipate your needs and plan the appropriate solutions when creating the website.

For example, if you plan to sell online, you know that your site will need to integrate an e-commerce module (with the technical specificities and costs that this entails).

2. Choosing the Best Site Creation Service

Once you have established your specifications, you can start looking for a solution to find out how to create a professional website. There are a number of options available to you.

Turnkey solutions to create a professional website

First solution to build your website, make it yourself! Today, there are many turnkey solutions to create a professional website with no great technical skills. Among the most famous are Jimdo and Wix.

These online solutions allow you to build your website without any code concept and thanks to the drag and drop technique.

Create your pro site with WordPress

You can also create your site on WordPress, the most used CMS in the world. With many themes available and multiple extensions, WordPress is arguably the most comprehensive site creation solution at the moment.

You can do almost anything as long as you put your hands in the mud and agree to lose a few hairs…

In any case, these services pool costs and allow to offer website creation offers at a lower cost and with a high level of functionality. Few companies will not find an offer that suits them on the internet today.
Creating your professional website from scratch will probably cost you more for a much lower level result in terms of functionality.

3. Choose your Host and your Domain name

Another important step in creating a website is the choice of suitable accommodation (capable of supporting all the contents of your site) and the registration of a domain name.

To do this, you can choose a host like (IONOS, OVH, LWS, etc.) and a domain name from a specialized provider.
It is also possible to reserve your domain name with your host if he offers this service.

Ionos, for example, offers full packs including your site’s domain name, hosting and basic maintenance.

4. Resources and Skills

If professional website creation solutions allow you to relieve yourself of the technical aspect and reduce your costs, creating a professional website requires gathering certain skills to keep it alive:

  • Master the basics of natural referencing to maximize your website’s visibility on search engines
  • Have digital communication, marketing skills or an expert who will give you the strategy to adopt
  • Master web writing to create the different content that will feed your website (pages, blog posts, messages…)
  • Enjoy an outside look for the visual aspect of the site. Thinking about ergonomics and the user experience is paramount if you want your site to convert visitors into prospects.

Of course, these skills are just a few examples among many. If you want to create a site with complex features, you will need a developer, freelancer or web agency.

5. Use the Right Tools

Now you know how to create a professional website. You’ll need to put in place a formidable strategy to capture visitors’ contacts. And yes, creating a professional website must also aim to collect leads to develop your business.

To do this, you’ll need to put effective calls to action, create premium content and use web marketing tools that will make your life easier.

We can mention conversion tools such as forms but also marketing automation tools that will allow you to register your prospects in real marketing paths.

Putting in place a web marketing strategy requires a real step back on your business and identify the most relevant actions to put in place to begin with. Hired digital experts can help you put in place the right action plan.

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