How To Convert Your Startup’s Grinch

Although it sounds fatal to say it out loud, in every company, there is a Grinch (or several). Yes, that person who, when you present an idea, has the ability to find all possible inconveniences and predict all catastrophes that will occur if you carry it forward.

How To Recognize The Grinch

Very easy, surely you already have it in your head, but if not, some of these behaviors may sound to you. He hates Christmas, Easter, the December bridge “never falls on a good date,” and the virgin of August breaks the summer. The cold of winter makes you sleepy, and the unbearable heat of August does not let you concentrate. The sales overwhelm him, and the new season is too expensive.

Nothing ever seems right to him and, in addition, every good Grinch suffers from a terrible and advanced sincericide that invites him to say any thought as offensive as it may be, under the firm commitment that he is always a sincere person who says what he thinks.

There is no way to succeed, but, nevertheless, he does his job well, provides solutions, and ends up doing things with a good result.

How To Convert Your Company’s Grinch

If you have it identified, it may be in your hands to convert it and get you to see the good side of Christmas even if it is only for the holidays that you give us and that you understand that the sales are the best time to buy the new season (a key behavior to the impossible time to avoid people who are optimistic).

Do Not Judge

Each person is a world, and you cannot pretend that everyone reacts as you would or judge in a negative way everything that is different from how you understand it. Each person is different and has personal circumstances and a past that condition him. Nobody wants to feel judged, neither do you, so try to avoid it.

  • Establish a relationship based on giving/asking
  • First leadership commandment that will prevent even a Grinch from ever existing on your team.

You must start from the beginning, a relationship in which the rules of the game are very clear. You will always start by giving (dedicating time to know, listen, motivate, understand and act accordingly to all of the above) and then receive from others in the same proportion (with commitment, dedication, passion, and effort). And eye, this does not always happen, so just as good you have to be giving than asking or demanding.

Be Humble And Accept Your Mistakes Before Him

This is not easy, but it is important that your team see how you retract and “change your jacket” when necessary. If you do, they will too, and they will not hold on to beliefs or opinions out of pride. You will show that nothing happens to be wrong, that to err is human, and that nobody has the absolute certainty of anything.

Showing yourself vulnerable on those occasions will also make you empathize with yourself, and you can talk as equals without having to prove anything to anyone.

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