Growth Guide For Startups

As entrepreneurs, building and growing a startup requires effort, subtlety, and a lot of work. We offer you the same guide you used to move from being a startup to a publicly-traded company.


The most important thing in planning effective marketing and sales model is to have a guide to carry out your strategy. We recommend the inbound methodology for startups. Inbound marketing has proven to be the most appropriate approach for startups that need to grow fast, but have a limited budget. This growth manual for startups is based on the three principles of inbound methodology (attract, convert, and delight) so that your company can grow and succeed.

Design A Strategy For Your Market Insertion

Planning your market insert marketing strategy is essential to ensure the future success of your campaign. You may live the market introduction as a pitched battle. There are dozens of various channels that you can use, social, organic, recommended networks.


The most important thing for your startup is to drive traffic to your website. To achieve it in the simplest way, meet your target audience, and create content that you love.

Develop Your Buyer Persona

You cannot promote a product without knowing who you will sell it to. For that reason, the first step to attract visitors is to create a buyer persona based on your ideal customer:

“Buyers are characters that describe the physical and psychological characteristics of your clients based on market research and actual data on your existing customers.”

Buyer people help you understand who your customers really are, not simply why they need your product: What are their demographics, their interests, or their biggest goals, problems, and challenges?

 Defining your buyer persona helps you direct your marketing efforts, focus exclusively on the most relevant prospects, and make the best use of your resources.

The Customer’s Journey

Every marketing campaign should be based on a detailed analysis of the buyer’s journey. While you cannot determine all the possible paths that a prospect could take to become a customer, it is vital that you know the most important ones.

Evaluate Your Website

You spent many days creating your website, leaving it ready to be online, and your efforts were worth it: it looks great and is easy to use, but you have not finished yet. You need a website that not only works well but attracts traffic. You must take into account various factors to create a website that gives good results in different devices and search engines.

Create Articles For Blogs

Now that you perfected your buyer persona and did an excellent job with the keywords, it was time to generate amazing articles. At first, you might think that blogging distracts you from the true objectives of the company, but there are three important reasons why you should not rule out content marketing:

  • Having a blog helps you drive organic traffic to your website: each post generates a new indexed page that appears in search engines
  • Each publication is an opportunity to generate conversions: the content guides your leads through the marketing funnel to become customers.
  • Blogging improves the credibility of your website: unlike paid ads, its content generates traffic even long after being published.


Now that you have attracted visitors to the website, you must add their information to your database or convert them into leads. You must ensure that you create content that makes users willing to offer their contact information to access it.

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