Crucial Mistakes That Every Entrepreneur Should Avoid

Entrepreneurship is brave. It requires a lot of effort, love, dedication, and above all: work.

In this article I will try to give you some tips that I think will help you on your way, reviewing some entrepreneur mistakes that I have seen, so that you do not fall for them.

Prioritize the idea

If there is no leader, the idea does not come out, however good it may be.

We have seen such amazing ideas as going to the moon and returning on the same day, but knowing the leader, we have realized that it was impossible for him to carry it out.

The election of the CEO

Who is usually the CEO of the companies?

The leader should be one who has the capabilities to add to the cause of customers, employees, suppliers, society, and capital. This is independent of having the majority shareholding.

It reminds me of when I was young, at school recess, I always played football. By? Because the ball was mine, of course, the problem was that I played fatally, and we lost all the games.

Is it the best CMO you can have?

Those who accompany the company manager have to be No. 1 in the positions they develop, since in such small companies if someone does not add up, it shows a lot.

It is common to find in a startup, that the first workers are friends or close people, but not always the most suitable for the position.

Partnership Pact

Mark from the beginning the rules of the game, both for workers and partners.

This is above each of the partners. We had seen dissolved teams almost before we started to consider what they wanted to do.

That is why it is essential to make a partnership agreement.

How do you measure?

Measuring not in accordance with particular standards or rules causes people to commit themselves in the wrong way.

Periodically check your business KPIs and make it clear who is responsible for compliance.

It does not stop surprising us to see some entrepreneurs who always have a pending modification of their website before launching it, it is necessary to add some or another detail, and they take a long time to publish.

Do not risk

The only way to succeed is to hit, fall, and get up. Hurry and as cheap as possible.

We have seen that the entrepreneurs who most risk trying new things (measuring and learning about all their mistakes) are the ones who soon find out what the customer needs.

Running, deciding, and jumping into the pool is always the most complicated. I encourage you to do it, think big, start small, and grow fast.

Give For Free

When you are trying, everything goes well. They welcome you with open hands. But when you go out to sell (and collect) everything changes.

When a company offers its product for free, neither the customer’s feedback is adequate, nor does it obtain reliable conclusions from the test. But they always realize once they really sell.

Fill Your Website With Features

Be aware of the needs of your customers, and the important thing is not to GIVE, and the important thing is to know that what you give adds value to the recipient.

We have been able to verify that the important thing is to find the specific needs of the clients of a web platform, instead of filling the page with functionalities that are not used later.

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